Marketing Collateral Templates increase Content Scalability [Video]

Jun 16, 2021

Locked marketing collateral templates allow you and your colleagues to create and publish branded content directly from your asset storage solution without any design skills. No need to upload and download different versions to edit or create material, why not just do everything from one system!

Break through the designer bottleneck with marketing collateral templates

Adobe InDesign is every graphic designer’s trusted partner for creating and editing digital assets such as infographics, banners or white papers. InDesign is a versatile tool that helps designers achieve great things but, as most professional tools, it’s not easy to use for someone with no training.

Designers tend to be scarce and their time is always short. They get flooded with requests from left and right. Most of the requests tend to be repetitive, small fixes that take a lot of time away from bigger projects that focus on creating something new.

With the right tools, however, designers can create beautiful locked templates that every employee can use to create the designs they need for everyday work like social media banners, for example. Lytho’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) system includes a Create & Publish solution that fully integrates with Adobe’s Creative Cloud.

By allowing all colleagues to create their own materials in a controlled, on-brand way, we can leave challenging, technical projects to the specialists. It’s no longer necessary to turn to the designer for every little task.

Check out this video where we demonstrate how easy it is to work with locked marketing collateral templates in Lytho’s solution:

Get in touch with our experts to see the Create & Publish in action.

Scale your digital content with Marketing Collateral Templates

One of the biggest content marketing trends in the recent years is (and will continue to be) content scalability. Creatives need to keep increasing their output and one of the most common issues they face is too many requests for new collateral, too little time. Companies are looking for ways to create more with less resources by making processes leaner, outsourcing content, and promoting employee-generated content.  

Enabling colleagues to create materials through locked templates that require no technical knowledge not only reduces the pressure on designers, but it also makes the collateral creation process smoother and increases content output without any added agency or staff costs.

Control brand consistency with locked marketing templates

Why do you need templates where certain elements are locked? Doesn’t this limit creativity? There are risks involved in letting someone else publish material if it’s not managed the right way. There’s a chance that colleagues who are less familiar with your brand style won’t think carefully about the brand’s identity rules. A designer probably knows the brand fonts and colour codes by heart. But it’s not realistic to expect that everyone else in the company does as well.

Using stretched logos or wrong brand colours is, unfortunately, an everyday occurrence despite the fact that consistent branding has a direct link to higher revenue. Plus, if you’re not born with the gift of great imagination and good visual eye, it can take a lot of time to come up with a design, let alone to create it without the necessary design skills.

Designers have a keen eye on where and how images and text should be aligned. That’s why it’s a win-win to let the designers work on what they are best at and let other colleagues take over when it’s time to do quick fixes to scale and reuse content.

Why choose a DAM with locked templates

Companies that work with hundreds of images, graphics, videos and other assets should be using a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution to manage their digital content and media. Advanced DAMs are not just for storing and finding content, but they can be used for creating marketing publications as well. Lytho’s Brand Management Solution offers the opportunity to create collateral in a web-based InDesign server. In conclusion, these are the perks of having a DAM with a web-based editor:

  1. Marketing publications are always on brand with pre-set templates
  2. Right usage of images and product information prevents incorrect information and inconsistencies
  3. The designer is relieved from doing the simple tasks, because:
  4. Anyone of his/her colleagues can create and edit the relatively simple digital publications
  5. All your content is stored in one place
  6. Ability to directly share content with colleagues or publish externally straight from the source
  7. No need to have any software installed, simply give access to users and work in the cloud
  8. Saving the obvious one for last: all of the above save your company time and money.

Save your designer’s time and trouble of having the responsibility for fixing and updating every standard publication. Get in touch with our experts and see what the advantages a DAM solution with a web-based InDesign server can bring for your company!


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