Sabern Rebrands to Lytho

Wessel Boekschooten
Oct 08, 2019

Why rebrand from Sabern to Lytho?

CEO and founder Niels Bouwman, being CEO at Sabern for just five years, has decided to rebrand his company to Lytho and move on with a single SaaS (Software as a Service) solution and a single brand name. 

Difference between Sabern and Lytho

Where Sabern could offer publishing solutions for a small target group, the SaaS solution Lytho consists of one generically developed Digital Asset Management core, with a brand center, workflow management and a unique Create & Publish solution. This solution is supported by Adobe Creative Cloud and meets the popular demand of the market to be able to quickly edit content in Lytho for various digital, media, or print purposes. Even before the upcoming launch on October 8th, Lytho was named as one of the 10 Most Promising Adobe Solution Providers of 2019

What happens to Brandifyer?

Using customer’s feedback as starting point for development is going to become the future for Lytho. The solution is already mature thanks to over 30 years of experience in software development. According to Niels Bouwman, new features are added every two weeks. We gathered the feedback given on Brandifyer, Sabern's main product, and combined this with the latest technologies and insights. For the customers who use Brandifyer, support and updates will, of course, still be offered. 

(Picture: Left, Moniek Hop COO; right, Niels Bouwman CEO)


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