Product Updates April 2020

Apr 24, 2020

Translation, permission management,
and AI image search

In order to stay on top of what our customers need, the Lytho Team is constantly working in close cooperation with customers and our developers to add functionality to our platform, and to improve existing features. Here you will find our product updates for April 2020. 

Starting from the launch of Lytho, many customers have commented on the mature state of development of the Lytho Digital Asset Management platformAt the same time, from the very beginning we have always felt that we need to continuously work on adding new features and improving existing functionalities in order to maximally support our customers to do what they're good at and to stay on-brand. 

In order to stay on top of what our customers need, the Lytho Team is constantly working in close cooperation with customers and our developers to add functionality to our platform. Many of our customers have been letting us know that they would appreciate additional or improved functionality when it comes to translations, permission management, image search and image cropping.  

Here you will find our product updates for April 2020. 

Translations & languages 

The Lytho DAM platform now supports:    

  • Translation of content tags 
    This allows users to translate content tags into multiple languages which improves search capability for companies working in more than one language. 
  • Multiple languages 
    We now have four available languages with 18 planned to be available by Q4. 
  • Auto-switch tag language and default language 
    The system language automatically switches the language of tags with capability to set a default language. 

Group Permissions

Lytho DAM now supports:  

  • Permission management at individual level 
    Permissions are now managed at the individual level with bulk edits available. 
  • Group hierarchy 
    Create groups and subgroups to match company hierarchy. 
  • Permission-based visibility 
    Permissions impact what content is visible to a user, which users can see the items another user uploaded and more. 

Image search, Image crop and AI image recognition 

We now support: 

  • Similar image search 
    Search starting with an image from the DAM or from your computer to find similar images within your Lytho environment.
  • Color filter search                          
    Search for images that include a specific dominant color. 
  • Image crop 
    Improved cropping capabilities make it possible to create a variant by cropping and giving it a new nameCropping is now an easy to find, user level function. 
  • User Placeholder  
    User placeholder has been given color to easier separate while also being able to upload an image. 
  • AI Image Recognition 
    Our proprietary AI engine is now being used to improve image recognition. 


Lytho now supports: 

  • Quick external share 
    Now easily share a link with external parties to upload assets without access to Lytho 
  • Multiple, permissioned sets of Brand Guidelines 
    You can now set permissions on which users have access to specific brand guidelines.  
  • Tasks 
    Assign tasks to users or groups within Lytho. 

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