A quick look into our Digital Asset Management solution

Jun 10, 2020

One of the most important functionalities in your digital asset management system should be the user-friendliness and intuitiveness of the platform. In fact, that should be the core of any DAM. 

Our goal at Lytho is to make our DAM solution so easy to use that a colleague who has never used a DAM before and hasn't seen any guides or received any training to use Lytho will still know how the system and the core functionalities work.

We wanted to challenge this goal so we conducted a quick test. In the video below, we asked a person who had never used our solution to showcase how Lytho's filtering options work and recorded their first try.

Want to see how Lytho works in practice and what you can achieve with a DAM? Here is a quick glimpse into the filtering options Lytho offers:


As you can see, Lytho's DAM offers a variety of advanced filtering options so that your team, as well as external partners, like agencies can quickly find an asset that is a perfect match to any need.

Being able to search through your vast library of content with ease will save you time that now goes into looking for assets, money that you spend on agency hours, and headaches that are caused by delays and back-and-forth emails. It's a triple win!

Would you like to see more of what Lytho can do?

This video is just a glimpse to our DAM platform, designed to give you an idea of how Lytho looks like in practice. Get in touch with us if you’d like to see how exactly it would work for you and how it could streamline and improve your organization's asset management.


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