Press Release April 2020

Apr 14, 2020

DAM vendor Lytho offers platform for free during crisis - overwhelmed by requests

Dutch DAM (Digital Asset Management )software developer Lytho is offering its platform for free during the COVID-19 crisis. Lytho is pleasantly surprised by the continued flow of requests for the free offer, and is currently taking extra steps to optimally support new users.

Lytho is a SaaS platform for marketers to collaborate (remotely) and helps organizations to consistently communicate 'on brand'.

Inundated with requests

Since Lytho started the 'Lytho gives a DAM' campaign at the end of March, requests have been pouring in. Dozens of new organizations have now joined the platform, mainly from Spain, Germany and the US. COO Moniek Hop is surprised by the speed of the influx. The free offer was designed to allow marketing departments to work optimally with employees, partners and agencies during this crisis. In addition, the Lytho platform provides for the optimal facilitation of remote working.

We wanted to help larger organizations that have really been affected by this crisis. In addition, the idea was to keep our consultants and implementation specialists working because many clients are pushing their projects forward. In the meantime, we are working as hard as we can to follow up on all applications and setting up new organizations,'
says Hop.

The company reports being grateful to be able to contribute in its own way during the global crisis.

Continuing free offer

Lytho plans to continue to support organizations in the coming months and continue to offer the software (which normally costs an average of €5000 per month) free of charge through here. More information about this offer?
For questions, please contact Lytho via

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