New Partnership: DAM United and Lytho

Feb 02, 2021

We are happy to announce that Lytho has won a first-class sales and implementation partner for growing our market share in the DACH region: DAM United is a leading international service provider for multimedia solutions in the enterprise sector. Niels Bouwman, CEO of Lytho, on the cooperation: "Like us, DAM United has an incredible amount of experience in digital asset management. It's a true partnership of equals and I'm very much looking forward to many projects together." We talked to Roland Berg, member of the board of DAM United.

Which kind of benefits do you see in the partnership?

Roland BergRoland Berg: Lytho has a very mature DAM solution with strengths in brand management and a compelling customer base. Lytho has been on the market for 30 years and offers a team with many years of expertise. Together we want to make the advantages of Lytho available to customers in the DACH region. Before entering a new partnership, we evaluate the system very deeply. We are always closely connected with the system manufacturers, but 100% manufacturer independent. That is important because we help many customers to find the right solution for their organization.

Right from the start, we make sure that DAM does not become a sluggish silo for our customers, but is productively connected to PIM, CMS, shop engine, streaming server, ERP, etc. We ask the right questions and listen. We have the right consulting formats for everyone – starting with a free initial consultation to various topic and strategy workshops. We have deep insights in leading systems and are happy to add Lytho to our strong offering.

What challenges are customers facing today and how can Lytho help solve them?

Digital assets such as images and videos will significantly help to underpin communication, consolidate opinions, present products, promote brands, and so on. Companies need assets in more and more channels, formats and increasingly as part of an atomized content strategy. To clarify the important DAM trends, we did a survey with 750 IT and business decision-makers in Germany. In general: Digital Asset Management becomes relevant for more companies!

Historically, DAM has always been a must-have solution for media and large companies with many products and images. In 2021 medium-sized companies, SMBs and start-ups also need to be able to deal efficiently with a large number of digital assets in various channels and formats – i.e., to find them quickly, retrieve them and use them in compliance with GDPR, but also to file and store them in a way that is easily reusable. And with COVID-19, the digitalization of companies is on full speed. Nobody is questioning if a central system like a DAM is really necessary.

Also, DAM supports the trend of individualization: More and more companies enable their customers to individually design and configure products on websites, kiosks or other POS platforms. To do this, they need to manage and provide dynamic assets and process them in associated processes. In some industries, companies also make dynamic and partially automated use of digital assets created and published by users and customers. Those trends place new demands on the function and architecture of strong DAM solutions.

There is a currently a big market demand where Lytho can profit.

What other trends do you see?

DAM becomes more collaborative, agile, fluid: DAM is increasingly becoming a mission critical platform in the architecture of digital experience technology. Enterprises are no longer concerned with rigid, centralized management of many images, but rather with the dynamic use of digital assets in distributed environments – without having to work with copies and without opaque data being sent back and forth.

DAM must therefore manage the entire collaborative asset creation process with tens of variants and instances in a traceable manner and support collaboration in internal networks or cloud infrastructures. We think that Lytho is a good match with its brand management strengths.

DAM becomes more complex; solutions need to be simpler. DAM activities are becoming more complex, the number of assets and channels is increasing and at the same time marketers have less and less time. As a result, demand is growing not only for DAM systems and services, but also for solutions that make it easier for marketers and DAM users to manage and distribute digital assets in a way that is limitless and traceable. Lytho has an intuitive user interface and many functionalities that help marketers do their job.

We see also a high demand for add-on solutions. With our “Simplify your DAM” solutions, we increase the usability of market-leading DAM systems for specific user groups or application situations. There are dozens of practical examples in which users can simply upload or select images. Or in which external users should have access to a picture pool, e.g., while on the move. Or where image rights should be queried easily and securely. As Leonardo da Vinci said: “Simplicity is the highest level of perfection.“

Thanks for your time and insights, Roland!

If you are interested in becoming a Lytho partner, check out our Partnership Program and get in touch.

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