Lytho DAM feature - Quitclaims

Jul 29, 2021

In order to protect individuals’ personal data on the internet, the EU enforces General Data Protection Rights (GDPR) standards, that all companies who collect personal information must adhere to. Ensuring that your organization is handling personal data in a way that is GDPR compliant can be a significant challenge. Specifically, managing creative assets that include images of students, employees or members can be a complex task.

This is where Lytho comes in! We recognize the importance of GDPR while simultaneously acknowledging the challenges this poses for companies. With this in mind, we created our Quitclaims feature that enables you to stay GDPR compliant with ease.

What is the Quitclaims feature?

The Quitclaims feature in Lytho ensures that you can manage a large amount of digital assets, without the hassle of individually or manually managing permissions linked to each asset.

How does it work?

Within this feature, you are able to upload a legal claim to our Asset Manager, and link it to the relevant asset. You can access the both the asset and the legal claim online to refer to it at any time. The Lytho system identifies the time constrains outlined in the legal claim linked to each asset. Through this, you cannot see or use an asset for publication if the date falls outside the legal time constraints.

The ‘planning’ filter allows you to filter your assets by the dates they are allowed to be used and published, while the ‘protections’ filter allows you to easily search for digital assets that have a quitclaim linked to them. These filter features improve searchability of your assets, minimizing your efforts and maximizing efficiency.

Planning image Protections image


  • Upload legal claims to the Asset Manager
  • Link legal claims to relevant asset
  • Access both the asset and the corresponding legal claim.
  • Never use an asset for publication if it is not allowed

This is an essential feature for many industries, including municipalities and educational institutions, as it ensures you do not misuse digital assets containing photos of individuals for whom you do not have a quitclaim. With Lytho, GDPR compliancy is easy!

Schedule a demo with our experts and they can give you personalized advice on how the Quitclaims feature can help your organization maintain GDPR compliancy. It's free and online, and takes up no more than about 20 minutes.

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