How to create a Brand Style Guide [Download Free PDF Template]

Jun 22, 2020

What is a Brand Style Guide?

A Brand Style Guide is a living document where all your brand's visual guidelines live. Think your logo variations, fonts, images, colors, and any other visual elements that repeat in your communications and marketing.

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A Brand Style Guide helps the people inside and outside of your organization who use your visual brand assets, to use them consistently and correctly. Ideally, it also helps them understand the choices you've made in creating your visual brand identity, and to understand why it's important to adhere to the Style Guide. 

Why should I create a Brand Style Guide? 

A brand is an incredibly important and valuable asset to an organization, but it can only add its maximum value if it is managed properly. One aspect of proper brand management is to stay consistent in using the visual brand in every and all communications the organization sends outStyle Guide helps you achieve that. 

Are you working on a re-brand or do you have the clear need to reinvigorate an existing brand? Do you find it challenging to keep everyone working with your brand assets using them correctly and consistently, so your communication is always on-brand? A Brand Style Guide will help you consolidate your brand identity and help you more easily manage your brand.

The exercise of creating a detailed Style Guide will also help you assess if your current visuals still match your brand's values and the image you want to portray to your stakeholders.

How can I create a Brand Style Guide?

I'm glad you asked! We've created a comprehensive guide to help you create a Style Guide for your organization. You can download it for free here.

Brand Book - Style Guide Bundle-1

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