Content management: Sharing files and brand assets externally

May 14, 2020

Five minutes with Fleur Video series – Video #3 

How do you make sure you collaborate and manage your brand effectively while working remotely? In a series of videos, Fleur Elise Muller – Account Executive at Lytho, shares some tips, tools and tricks so you and your team can be more efficient and stay on brand while working remotely. 

Everyone is forced to work from home right now, which is a new situation to many if not all of us. Fleur Elise Muller is an Account Executive at Lytho, helping our customers in getting the most value from a Digital Asset Management solution. This means she speaks with and advises a lot of marketing teams around the globe about how to collaborate and manage their brand (Assets) remotely.

Many of these teams have the challenge of staying consistent in creating their digital content. 

To provide you with some tools and tricks so you can be more efficient during these times, Fleur created a series of short videos where she highlights certain subjects and offers some expert tips, tools and tricks, all relevant to collaborating remotely as a marketing team. 

  • In Video #1 Fleur shared some tips about managing your brand while collaborating remotely. Watch that video here. 
  • In Video #2 Fleur shared five tips for creating consistent Digital Content and managing your Brand Identity. Watch video #2 here. 

Video #3: 6 ways a DAM system helps you share files externally

As a marketeer you are often sharing your marketing content with al lot of different teams within your organization, and probably also outside the organization: think about your marketing agencies, photographers, and maybe even the press.  

If you haven't implemented a centralized Digital Asset Management Tool yet, youre probably sending these digital files through something like email or WeTransfer. However, did you know that this could also be done in a much easier way?  

In this video, Fleur highlights a few functionalities in a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system that have to do with sharing files externally. She tells you a little bit more about how it works and how you can benefit from this type of functionality in your organization.   

Watch the video below: 

HubSpot Video

The best way to share your on-brand files from one central location 

A DAM system is a software solution that helps businesses manage all their content assets such as brand logos, product logos, product images and media files. All your digital files are stored in one place. Therefore, it is also easy to share these files from within this solution.   

In this video Fleur shared 6 functionalities that facilitate sharing files externally from within a DAM system.  

The easiest way to share on-brand files externally is with a DAM solution. Here are 6 of the things a DAM system enables you to do: 

  1. Share files internally and externally from one location
    With many DAM solutions, you're able to not only share files internally. You can also share with people outside your organization, without paying an extra fee for this. No additional accounts are needed.  
  2. Unlimited sharing
    Most DAM systems do not have restrictions in place as to how many files, images, videos or folders you can share in any period of time.  
  3. Image view instead of subject titles
    This simple functionality makes it all the more easy and much faster for coworkers and external partners to retrieve images they're looking for.
  4. Share from – until; campaign
    Some DAM platforms, like Lytho, offer the possibility to make documents, images, videos and other files available for a set period of time. This means you can make sure assets are only used for as long as you want them to be used.
  5. Link will stay the same, where you can still change the files
    Working with a cloud-based solution enables you to keep a file in one place, where anyone can always retrieve it, while you're still able to make changes to and update the file. This makes sure you have one single source of truth as far as your most up-to-date brand assets are concerned.
  6. You can track whether they downloaded it
    A very practical and insightful functionality, track download enables you to see whether someone you made a file accessible to, actually managed to find it and downloaded it. This can help you make collaboration and project management all the more smooth, and saves you time.

So, there you go - these were the six tips that we wanted to share with you in this video. All these tips are related to a Digital Asset Management solution, which can help make sure that you are in control as a Marketing Manager or Brand Manager. A DAM solution helps you manage all your marketing content in an efficient and effective way. 

This has been the third of a series of videos. The next video will focus on the difference between a DMS and a DAM solution. Keep following Lytho on social media or be sure to check in with our blog next week. 

Need more info? 

At Lytho, we're all about delivering brand consistency. We'd be happy to get in touch with you to chat more about best practices for managing your visual brand assets in order to get more work done with less effort, all the while strengthening your brand and staying consistent.  

Finding and effectively using the right Digital Asset Management Platform for your organization can be of great help in that respect - it can save you a lot of time and money, especially if you're working as a marketer for a larger organization. Would you like to understand more about the value of a DAM system? 


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