How branding impacts all areas of business

Sep 02, 2020

What's your message? When creating your brand strategy, think about the long-term plan for your business. Your brand is not about your product, logo, fonts, images, or website. While those are important elements that you need to focus on to build a strong brand, a clear brand strategy is what allows for alignment in your organization. 

In this post, we'll explain how brand alignment helps the organization as a whole, including HR, C-Suite, customer support, and what you should be doing right now to achieve your brand goals.  

How brand strategy helps the business 

The first thing to think about when creating your brand strategy is your purpose.  

  • Why are you in business?  
  • How are you solving people's problems? 
  • What are your customer's needs?  
  • What makes your business unique?  

When you have a clear idea of your target audience and your why you'll be able to set the foundation and guidelines for what you want to achieve in your business.  

Here's how a rock-solid brand can help you build a better team.  

HR teams help boost the overall experience for employees.  

Your HR team is responsible for bringing forward top talent and improving the overall experience for employees. A successful brand strategy can help attract the best candidates for the job and help keep your current employees happy.

Focus on creating an environment that aligns with your mission and vision statement. If your brand is not in alignment, take steps to change that. When everyone on the team knows what the brand stands for and who they're talking to, you can build trust and authority in your market.   

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A strong brand can boost product sales.  

It's smart to invest in your branding. Set up brand guidelines to help you navigate through the ups and downs of your business. Focus on brand awareness and loyalty to increase revenue. With a strong brand strategy, you can help boost your brand image to reach your target audience.  

Think about brands like Nike and Apple. They're able to set high prices because people trust them and know they're getting a quality product. They've captured the attention of their audience and positioned themselves as the best in the market.  

While there are other similar products available, only certain brands can compete. When someone purchases Nike shoes or the latest Apple iPhone, they're investing in more than just the product; they're here for the experience that was promised.  

The brand strategy worked. These customers will make repeat purchases because they're loyal to the brand, and they know they'll get an excellent customer experience every time.  

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Tailor your message to connect with the C-Suite. 

For a brand to be successful, it's essential for everyone on the team to be consistent. There's going to be a disconnect if your mission statement says one thing, while your employees do another. That's why it's important that everyone on the team, including C-suite heavy hitters to the HR team, work together to help fulfil the brand's purpose.  

If you're struggling to communicate your brand to the top brass, tailor your approach to each specific person. Keep your message short and sweet and focus on delivering the key points instead of bombarding them with all the nuances on your brand guidelines.  

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Is your customer support team happy?   

As a marketer or a brand professional, you may not always be the one who deals with consumers directly. That's why your customer support team must understand your brand strategy to help strengthen your brand message.  

One of the best ways to do that is by giving them the right tools and training to know how to respond in certain situations. Negative reviews and feedback can impact the way people see your business. Create a plan, so your customer support team knows why it's important to react quickly and how to communicate that message.  

When responding to social media messages on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, set clear guidelines for your customer support team so they know what to say and the best way to deliver it.  

They need to know that they represent the brand too.  

Share your brand guidelines with the organization, so the team is aware of the mission, purpose, and vision of your company. Work with your employees to encourage them to become strong advocates for the brand. Listen to their struggles and any feedback they have to create a better experience for the customer so you can drive more sales.  

How to build a better brand  

While every employee in a company has different roles and responsibilities, strive to build a strong team that's aware of your branding goals and your company's vision. Be consistent.  

Everyone in the company is responsible for developing a strong brand. 

Check-in regularly with employees to ensure they understand how to do that. It takes effort to create an engaged workforce. Use 360 feedback sessions and anonymous surveys to stay in the know.  

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