4 tips to concentrate better at work

Fleur Elise Muller
Jul 22, 2019

Do you also find it difficult to concentrate at work? We are getting busier and busier and are expected to complete more tasks in less time, while the amount of distractions is growing.

So why are we so distracted and what can we do about it?

When you have a concentration problem, you find it difficult to focus on one specific thing. You are easily distracted and find it hard to stay organized or keep a clear overview of tasks. There is chaos in your brain.
It is also hard to concentrate when you are tired, or when you feel under pressure. But what if the lack of concentration is caused by something else…

Why we get easily distracted can also be explained by looking at our brain. According to psychologist Tigchelaar, there are four main reasons behind low concentration levels, which we will elaborate on in this blog.

Working too hard

A lot of people assume that the more they work, the more work they complete. Unfortunately, this is not the case. After a certain time, you reach a tipping point. From that point onwards, you are no longer productive. You actually need to de-focus in order to stay productive.

Try to take breaks regularly. When you perform a simple task, take a 5- minute break every 25 minutes. With more complex tasks, you should take a 15- minute break. During your break, make sure that your brain does not receive any more information. Limit your social media visits, go for a short walk, or make a cup of coffee.  

Simple and easy tasks

When something is too simple and the brain does not get enough incentives, it will look for extra incentives to fill the gap. The smarter you are, the faster you get distracted.

The best solution is to make the task harder by giving yourself a deadline, so you feel the pressure to work faster. Multitasking could also be a solution. Combining your task with something simple, like walking or cleaning, can actually help you concentrate on your main task. Keep in mind that the other task should not require a lot of brain activity.

Here are some awesome tips to stay focused working from home!

Too many thoughts

When you feel that your head is too full, it is a sign that your concentration level is low. It means you have an abundance of internal stimuli.

Write down the things that come to mind during your work, which has nothing to do with that specific task. This will help you organize your thoughts and ideas. Try switching less between different tasks. Every time we switch from one task to another, we will feel rushed which can lead to mistakes.

Be selective when it comes to tasks. Don’t depend on a to-do list, because you will limit yourself. Bundle different tasks according to brain activity, not according to your to do list. For example, it is best to perform writing tasks in the morning and telephone calls in the afternoon.

External distractions

External distractions can have a big impact on your concentration. After a break you need around 15 to 20 minutes to get back into the flow.

Choose one channel for urgent communication. Send all other messages through different channels. Leave your phone out of sight or put it on silent mode. Work at least one day per week from home, or outside of the office. Also, discuss silence blocks with your colleagues; for instance, that from 10.00 till 12.00 it would be completely silent on the work floor.

To conclude, while our work is getting busier and busier, it is becoming harder to concentrate. We lose concentration, because of external and internal incentives. It would help, if people were able to focus on what they like to do and what they are good at. People shouldn’t have to waste time on things that require unnecessary effort. To make work easier and more productive, technology comes in handy. Thanks to technology, we are able to replace some of the boring, repetitive tasks by automating certain processes. This is something we are fully committed to at Lytho. Our solution helps marketeers cut out repetitive tasks and concentrate on fun, creative tasks.

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