Benefits of digital asset management systems

Jun 26, 2021

We like to share our successes, learnings and the benefits that come with using Lytho’s solution for sharing, managing and creating assets from a single source of truth. Sometimes it can be helpful to view things from a different perspective though. To change things up, let’s go back to the source and see what kind of problems a DAM can solve and what are the types of situations where DAM can benefit your organization.

In this blog, we wanted to share some peer support in the form of most common questions and problems that our visitors come to us with. While these puzzles seem to have very different themes and perspectives and maybe at a first glance they don’t appear to have anything in common, there is a solution that connects all these hurdles. All the problems in this blog can be answered, or prevented from happening (again), with a DAM.

Brand consistency

How can I scale our marketing content while keeping it consistent?

Our APAC team is still using our brand guidelines from 1995 though I ask them not to.

Is it possible to control which users have access to which content without having to adjust manually for 200 different people?

The sales team is frustrated in the slowness of content creators, so they started doing their own presentations and other materials. They look horrible.

Different teams are using different email signatures, some of them even have the company name misspelled.

How can I make sure our brand stays consistent when our marketing team is constantly growing?


My team is spending too much time trying to find the right image or video.

Getting one banner live on social media takes 20 emails.

My team lost a hard drive with 200GBs of video that we can never get back.

How can I make sure that all the content we’ve bought with big bucks ends up being used?


Our designers are the bottleneck for creating content. There are 2 of them and 100 people who have requests for them.

How can I unleash the creativity of my marketing team?

I love writing for my company but I’m always scared of using the wrong tone of voice or format so I avoid creative tasks.

A chunk of my working hours goes into chasing colleagues for trivial things while actually my job is to write/design content.


How can I share our assets with external teams without using a dozen transfer tools?

I want colleagues to have access to the location where we keep our digital assets but some of the materials contain information that should not be shared with everyone.

I’m concerned about the rights that Dropbox gets on our content that we store there.

How can I stop my team from sharing critical material via email?

As you can see, the right digital asset management solution has a lot more benefits other than just make finding assets easier. Keep in mind that not all DAM systems were created equal, so every solution is not going to help solve all of these problems. I can only speak for Lytho, a DAM solution created for maximizing your brand impact while getting the best out of your team.

How you can benefit from a DAM

Did you recognize yourself in the list of problems and questions? We can help you! Finding the right Digital Asset Management solution for your organization might be the answer if you are looking to scale content, increase efficiency and collaboration, improve brand consistency or help your team be the best they can be. Here’s what you can do to start solving the problems in the list:


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