5 Ideas for remote employee engagement

Mar 26, 2020

Picture1Team Lytho competing over who has the best yellow item during our scavenger hunt

By now, most companies have made the shift to a fully operating remote working remote working environment.  While it’s important to take every measure to protect the health and wellbeing of your employees, not having your colleagues around in flesh and bone gets old relatively quickly. Team Lytho has been thinking up ideas to keep the team spirit high and jolly to fight the frustration that can creep in with the uncertainty of the current situation. Maybe you’d also like to try some of these activities with your team?


  1. A channel for unscheduled down time
    What makes office life fun is the casual connections we have, the ‘water cooler chats’, if you know what I mean. We recommend having an active video link (with the tool of your preference) where anyone can pop in while having their morning coffee or afternoon snack. This channel is meant just for chitchat and connecting with one another when you are taking a quick break.
  2. Scavenger hunt
    Hop on a video call with the team and organize a fun at-home scavenger hunt. The rules of the game go as follows: One person leads the game and asks the rest to find items in the house that match a certain description. For example, find something that’s yellow, sharp, longer than your arm, or is made of plastic. The person who finds the most items fastest, wins. Bonus points for creativity !
  3. Developer walk-in
    This one’s for the product companies among you. You don’t want to miss out on cross-team collaboration just because you are not all in the same office space. Have a designated time for some of your development team members to be on a call and encourage other employees to jump on the line during this walk-in time with their questions or suggestions for your roadmap backlog. Socializing and new product improvement ideas, a win-win for all!
  4. Arranged lunch activities
    We believe the concept of lunch wasn’t created just because we get hungry (okay, maybe mostly because of that) but also because we need a break from work. To prevent lonely remote lunch hours, involve your employees in fun activities. You could recruit a fitness enthusiast from your team to lead others in a yoga or stretching exercise, or have one of your foodie team members do a quick lunch cooking class for you. Now is the time to show off those hidden talents you and your employees might possess!
  5. Youth picture quiz
    Instead of becoming separated, choose for knitting an even stronger bond within your staff! If your employees are up for it, this might be a good time to share some more personal information with your colleagues through a quiz. Ask people to send in old pictures of themselves. Then post them on a channel and ask others to guess which one of the team members is in this picture. This exercise can also be done with a picture of everyone’s favourite place or food, your imagination is the limit.


I hope this gives you some ideas on how to boost engagement and lift spirits during the coming days when working from home is a must. Good luck with organizing activities and feel free to tag Lytho on Linkedin if you end up trying some of these ideas and sharing pictures of them, we’d love to see it!

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